High School Q & A

Q. What are the shirts used for?
A. The shirts are thrown out to the fans in the stands, given away, or sold at the home varsity games.

Q. Does the school have to pay anything for the shirts?
A. No, because of Businesses like yours schools are able to receive the shirts absolutely free.

Q. Can I be the exclusive in my field of business?
A. You certainly can be the exclusive by doing a Display ad or a Feature Ad.

Q. Can I pick the colors my ad is done in?
A. The ads are printed in the school colors but you can tell us if you want all of your ad done in one of the colors or specifically where you want the colors in your ad. We will be sure to make your ad look great!

Q. What do most businesses put on their ad?
A. They usually put their logo, business name, address and phone number. Itís a custom ad that you get to design.

Q. When is the money due?
A. You can pay by credit card or check by phone on the day you purchase the ad or we can mail you an invoice and it is due upon receipt.

Q. How long does it take to get a proof?
A. You usually receive your proof within 30 days of purchasing the ad.

Q. When is the deadline?
A. There isnít a deadline. It is on a first come first serve basis.

Q. How did you get my number?
A. We get our numbers from a business directory listing.

Q. How many businesses do you put on the shirt?
A. There is usually anywhere from 18-20 businesses on the shirts.


Fire & Police Q & A

Q. Who does this benefit?
A. It benefits all parties involved. The Fire/Police Organization receives the shirts for free and the businesses receive great advertising. We have given over $595,479 in gratuity donation checks to date.

Q. How long do we have to get our art work to you?
A. We would like for you to send it within 2 weeks.

Q. Who are you contracted with?
A. We are set up with the President of the Association, in most cases.

Q. Is this a tax deduction?
A. Yes this is tax deductible.

Q. How many businesses will be on the shirts?
A. Normally there is between 18-20 businesses on the shirts.

Q. What are the shirts used for?
A. Well that all depends on what the Associations choose to do with the shirts. Most of them use the shirts for golf or softball tournaments. They can also choose to sell them as a fundraiser.

Q. Can my company set up a booth at the event?
A. That is something you would need to discuss with contact at the Association.

Q. What do the shirts look like?
A. The shirts have the Association logo on the front and your ad is featured on the back.

Q. Do we receive any shirts?
A. Yes of course we send you 2 shirts once we have them completed.


Radio Stations  Q & A

Q. How many businesses will be on the back of the shirts?
A. There are usually 8-10 businesses on the back.

Q. How do the radio stations use the shirts?
A. Your shirts will be distributed by the D.J.ís at live remotes, ticket give aways, and anything else the station has going on.

Q. Does the price of the ad include any air-time?
A. No, it pays for your ad on the shirts, but if youíre interested in air-time or a live remote we can send your information to the station and have them get in contact with you.

Q. What will the shirts look like?
A. The radio stations decide what shirt color, print colors, and what artwork will be on the front.

Q. Does the ad have to be done in the print colors the station has chosen?
A. Yes, but you do have the option of having the ad done in only one of the colors if you like.

Q. Do I have to pay extra for an ad proof?
A. No, we want your ad to be correct and the way you want it. So there is no additional charge for an ad proof, they are free.










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